What is End of the Line Dining?

This New York City dining adventure is one that Bonnie and Tania dreamed up many years ago and are finally putting it into action…

The plan:

Twice a month these two ladies, occasionally accompanied by special guests, will travel a subway route to the end of the line, find a nearby restaurant, eat there, then blog about the journey.

Some specifics:

• While we may do some neighborhood research beforehand to figure out things like history and demographics, we will NOT pre-plan our End of the Line Dining destination. Furthermore, once we’re in the new neighborhood, our smartphones are away (except to take pictures!) and we rely on good old fashioned wandering.

• We will travel to the end of each subway line, even if two lines have the same end station. Example: The D, N, F & Q trains all end at the Coney Island/Stillwell Ave station so I guess we’ll be going there four times!

• We WILL take recommendations within the comments sections of the blog posts but we will still adhere to the notion of no pre-planning. Though if someone’s recommendation is floating around in our brains and then we stumble upon it, well, we may just eat there!

• There is no specific order that we will follow when choosing train lines, though once we go one direction on a line, we will TRY to do the next End of the Line Dining excursion in the other direction on the same line. Example: Taking the Q train uptown one trip will result in taking the Q train downtown the next time!

• It is not our intention to write restaurant reviews necessarily. Rather, this blog will recount the entire journey which will include the restaurant experience.

• We will switch off writing the blog posts so you’ll hear from both of us.

• By the end of this project, we will have ridden the ENTIRETY of the MTA subway system! How cool is that?!





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